-->Concerto for Heckelphon or Bassoboe and Orchestra (2020)

-->Ballad for Violoncello and small Orchestra (2018)

-->Concerto for Panflute and Orchestra (2017)

-->Concertino for piano for 4 hands, cello and string orchestra (2017)

-->«Prelude & 3 Intermezzi» for Vivladi`s Four Seasons (2016)

-->Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra (2014)

-->«Clatterclank» for Snare Drum and String Orchestra (Homage to Jean Tinguely) (2014)

-->«Taiwan Rhapsody» for Violoncello and orchestra (2013)

-->«Six Taiwanese Songs» for cello and orchestra (2013)

-->«Sirimadi» for Violoncello and Orchestra (2011)

-->«Am Anfang» - Three attempts to invent the world, for soprano, strings and cembalo (2010)

-->«Dialogues Cellestes», Concerto for 2 Violoncelli and Orchestra (2009)

-->«Concerto per Klee» for Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra (2007)

-->«Lied des Einsamen» for Alto-Saxophone and String Orchestra (2005)

-->Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra (2005)

-->Suite for Violoncello and String Orchestra (2004)

-->Suite for Viola and String Orchestra (2004)

-->«Harlekin Fantasy» for clarinet and String Orchestra (2003)

-->«Nachtgesänge» for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra (1999)

-->Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (1999)

-->Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1993)